I am an award-winning content marketer and multimedia journalist. I can help you craft your message well and use the correct platforms to reach an engaged audience.

I can help you to identify your branding needs, build a strategy, and create the content you need. My services are available for short- or long-term contracts and both small and large projects. 

I have experience in marketing, communications, journalism, editing, video production, graphic design, website development, and social media strategy.

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Content marketing is a lead-generation opportunity. Use this tool to establish your expertise, help to answer customer questions, and attract potential leads. Web content, blog posts, social engagement, and public relations outreach are ways you can maximize your reach. 


Use my experience to establish your brand. I am fluent in Hubspot, Hootsuite, Adobe, Canva, iMovie, CMS, SEO, keywords, targeted content, blog development and writing, email campaigns, persona development, social media strategy, video production, graphic design, and website management.

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"MaryJo combines two vital, and not always complementary, skills: She writes beautifully, with brevity and creativity, and grabs readers with her heartfelt messages. She also understands the technical aspects of communications, creating eye-catching videos and successful marketing campaigns, unfailingly increasing views ...




"You have helped to direct our online presence in so many ways that are going to be able to be continued long after you have moved on. I have always been amazed at how well you listen to others and create stories out of what you hear.  I love your writing style and have always enjoyed reading your stories." - Mike R., Hanscom Federal Credit Union, Massachusetts


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